Anonymous asked: Have you ever met German Builder in person? He is my ultimate muscle fantasy.

i have not met Germanbuilder as I am in Australia and he is in Germany. he is the ultimate muscle fantasy for sure. If you are in Berlin then you can see him!

SEXY Germanbuilder posing in HOT blank trunks

Great view from this angle

Love seeing the tufts of hair coming out of his trunks


Short video of the Germanbuilder’s meat wrapped in some nice leopard print trunks.

Germanbuilder’s HOT and MUSCULAR CHEST

then giving us a view of his muscle nipples - HOT


the WIDE back of the GERMANBUILDER
nice spread of a back

the WIDE back of the GERMANBUILDER

nice spread of a back


Germanbuilder as a MUSCLE SUPERHERO

Great video of him posing in tight lycra top showing off all his huge muscles as if he were the MUSCLEMAN - eat your heart out Superman!

Germanbuilder posing in nice blue Lycra suit

Nice view of his muscles and man meat from below

hotmasculineness asked: I have to say THANK YOU!! I have been a fan of this guy for years and this it great to find all this in one place. He's fucking HOT!!!

Your welcome! It’s a pleasure to share the beauty of the germanbuilder with you!

germanbuilder flexes his hairless chest

lots of hot nipple play

best bitch tits in the world

the package of the Germanbuilder

the package of the Germanbuilder

Anonymous asked: Look on "My Muscle Video" under "berling builder". Note the letter "g" accidentally added to the word "berlin." In any case, there is a great video of the German Builder in black trunks -- I've never seen it anywhere else. I think the misspelling has kept it hidden from many German Builder fans.

thanks for the tip mate..i just tried posting a similar video and tumblr took it down but I’ll try posting it and see what happens.

germanbuilder gif

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Germanbuilder video posing at home - home looks great if you ask me

Great view of his muscular chest and biceps 


Germanbuilder video as BerlinWrestler and goatee.

Germanbuilder looking huge and muscular in this one - he has just finished a workout and ready to share his chest with you


Germanbuilder posing in tight orange shirt. 

Love it when he pulls the shirt down to show his nipples. 

Bitch tits in action